Alkawthar International Schools


About Us

AL-KAWTHAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS are the first private IB International Baccalaureate schools, created in 2012, in Saudi Arabia. They favor a multilingual education that ensures harmony between the varied standards of the National Curriculum, the British Curriculum and IB programs.

Our schools are therefore committed to providing students with a high quality education that emphasizes skills development, problem solving, while fostering diversity, international sensitivity, curiosity and thirst for learning and to be successful throughout their lives.

KIS is an official Oxford AQA school enjoying all the support of Oxford AQA team world wide.

 We provide excellent British Style education with an international perspective, within a safe environment, where individuals feel secure, respected, valued, happy and successful.

Both sections maintain classes for boys and girls. Each has specific characteristics yet shares the unified commitment to the school’s vision, mission and values that are woven into their programs– IB program and Oxford program for primary and lower secondary, high school levels. We offer enriching curriculum that promote students of both schools to become speakers of three languages: French, English and Arabic.

KIS are licensed by the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia.

KIS, offers a broad academic curriculum with English and French as the language of instruction, strives for academic excellence, supported by 2  co-curricular program to develop holistic learners.  Students eligible for a high school diploma at KIS must, as a minimum, satisfactorily complete the requirements as outlined in British Diploma Graduation Requirements.  Students entering the IB Diploma Programs will be offered the courses listed in IB Diploma Program Courses in French languages.

Last but not the least, KIS is an approved SAT testing center by College Board conducting SAT exams.