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Safety and well-being


KIS provides a counseling service for all its students. Teachers and parents can consult with the counselor with concerns or advice regarding student’s well-being  to help manage challenging situations, academic or non-academic, personal and emotional needs. A strict confidentiality is maintained and information will only be shared with the relevant Teacher /Deputy / Head of school.

The Counselor also educates the students on various important topics such as anti-bullying, study skills and time management. These aim to equip students with valuable learning and interpersonal skills.


E-safety awareness is about educating and empowering all users to enjoy the power of technology safely. We take measures to ensure that our students are protected when using the technology as a learning tool in school.


The school has a modern built-in fire alarm system, fire detectors and sprinklers to ensure the safety of students and the school community. It also has cameras to supervise  activities in the safety of our students. The school has regular fire drills in order to familiarize the staff and students with the emergency procedures.