Admissions Requirements and Registration Form

1.Condition of Enrollment

Parents or guardians of any potential student are welcome to fill in an application form at any time throughout the school year. The student will then be given an appointment for an entrance exam which will be scheduled at the student’s convenience. The exam includes English Language, Mathematics, and science. The exam may be given either to individual students or to groups of students.

Immediately after the exam, both the student and parent will be interviewed by the Executive Director to help determine the appropriateness of the student to the rigorous program of study at Alkawthar International Schools.

The student will be accepted into the school if:

  • She/he passes the entrance exam. If the student does not pass the exam, she/he may be allowed to take a retest exam at the discretion of the school administration.
  • The student is within the appropriate age range for the grade to which she/he is applying, according to the international requirements.
  • There is space available in the grade to which she/he is applying.

Each new applicant must:

  • complete and submit a form.
  • pay 3000 SAR as a non-refundable registration fee.
  • be in the age range corresponding to the desired class level.
  • pass an admission test on a date appointed by the school.
  • attain a sufficient average.


 2. General requirements

    • Annual fees are payable by term or in full. Annual fees are due by the end of October in the first term for existing parents or within one week of acceptance for new entrants.
    • The school reserves the right not to accept new students if fees have not been paid by the due date.
    • If students withdraw after the start of the school year, the paid fees will not be refunded.
    • Written notice of withdrawal must be given one month in advance if a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child from the school.
    • . The costs of field trips, extracurricular activities and uniforms ,books are payable separately.

     N.B. The school fees below may be reviewed every year.

     3. Admission to Pre-primary School (Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten)

    Admission to Primary School (Grades 1 to 5)

    Required Subject Proficiency



Students are required to have sufficient listening and speaking proficiency in English to follow instructions and explanations in the classroom.



Students are required to have sufficient listening and speaking proficiency in science to follow instructions and explanations in the classroom.



Students must meet the standards of learning for the required level.

      4.Registration Form

Your complete application file must include:

  1. The completed application form.
  2. The birth certificate of your child.
  3. A copy of the saudi identity card or residence permit for non-saudis.
  4. A copy of the vaccination certificate and medical records completed by the paediatrician or doctor for your child. (download the medical record form).
  5. 3 recent passport size photos of your child.
  6. School report cards of the two previous years.


Documents to download: