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SAT Exam

SAT is a standardized test used by top colleges and universities to evaluate students’ preparation for college-level work. AKIS provides a testing center for students to take the SAT exam, which measures verbal and math skills. There are two categories of SAT :

SAT I: Essential exam needed for college admission. Redesigned in 2016; includes two 800-point sections:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English (Reading and Writing), and the essay section became optional.

SAT II: Required by some Universities to be admitted in certain colleges .This test is only in one subject
and it includes 20 subjects such as Biology or World History etc .It ranges in score between
200-800 points.

AKIS is an approved and authorized SAT test center providing the following services :

1. Saturday Sat Test Center Detail: 

Saturday testing, both MALE-52696/FEMALE-52072 centers are listed with seating available visible on the College Board website.

Link to search test center:

2. Sunday Sat Test Center Detail: 

SAT Sunday Center with the following detail:

Test Center Name: Alkawthar International Schools-MALE
Test Center Number: 52214

Test Center Name: Alkawthar International Schools-FEMALE
Test Center Number: 52005


Please be advised, Sunday test date is reserved for Sabbath observers only in which students would need to be preapproved by College Board prior to test center assignment. Please visit College Board website at regarding student to request Sunday testing.