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Personal Project

The Personal Project

The personal project is a required project in the Intermediate Education Program.
It is comparable to any other subject you study in that it requires several hours of work over a long period of time, which is approximately 6-8 months.
To develop a personal project, students should consider the following:
Devote the same amount of time to the personal project as to a core subject
Knowing that the personal project is not part of the timetable;
Knowing that a supervisor will guide them through the process and evaluate their project.
Knowing that their parents will be informed of the personal project requirements and involvement throughout the process.
This project provides an opportunity to:
to explore a topic of personal interest to them.
develop their skills in approaches to learning
consolidate their prior learning and subject-specific knowledge.
produce an original creation.

Global contexts direct learning toward an autonomous and collective investigation of human interconnectedness and individual responsibility for the planet. Using the world as the larger learning context, IEP projects can lead to enriching explorations of the following themes:
– identities and relationships ;
– orientation in space and time
– personal and cultural expression
– Scientific and technical innovation;
– Globalization and sustainability;
– equity and development.

Students choose a single global context for their IEP project to establish the relevance of their research (how interesting it is).

The following questions may help them choose a global context for their project.
– What am I trying to accomplish through my personal project?
– What is the message I want to convey through my work?
– What is the effect I am seeking through my project?
– How can a specific global context enrich the purpose of my project?

When organizing fundraising campaigns or events for an organization, students study the challenges that the organization in question is addressing, such as pollution, climate change, endangered species, health, education, housing, food, human rights, minority rights, immigration, culture, arts or communication. Thus, the cause for which the organization works will often determine the global context of the project. The choice of global context will significantly shape the approach of the personal project.