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Transdisciplinary learning

Transdisciplinary learning

In the PP, transdisciplinary learning is relevant learning between disciplines, across all disciplines and beyond disciplines, which transcends their limits in order to establish links with reality.

PYP students learn to view knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills and personal qualities as a cohesive whole. They can reflect on the importance of their learning in order to take meaningful action in their community and beyond.

Through this learning process within the PYP, students become competent and autonomous learners who possess the cognitive, affective and social tools for lifelong learning based on a conceptual approach.

This approach is an excellent vehicle for learning which emphasizes concepts and promotes the construction of meaning as well as understanding. It encourages students to think critically and creatively about important ideas, in order to develop in-depth knowledge. PYP teachers use striking, general and abstract concepts to organize learning within the research modules and discipline-specific learning